CEO Message


The products of Wooam Machinery Company are introduced as follows which is the company dedicated to the fabrication and production of the parts of ship engines and the pipeline processing products for marine applications.

We always endeavor to provide the optimal environment to motivate the employees at Wooam Machinery Company so that they may exert the best of themselves for accomplishment in works.
This is because the improvement in the work environment has a significant influence on the improvement of the quality of products.

We lay emphasis on establishment of the systems ever better so that the business value of all employees may be enhanced.
The harmony in family is more valuable than anything else. If our employees arrive at work with smiles in the morning, the mood will naturally carry over into the work places leading to better communion in business among the work colleagues and then the smooth progress of the process works.

The cooperative relationship with the parent company has been retained and enriched solely based on the creditworthiness predicated on the quality of products and the strict compliance with the delivery due dates rather than through the connections related to the academic or geographical backgrounds.
If our parent company and other customers accomplish an excellent result based on the competitive edge across the whole world, the companies cooperating with them can also make the growth with reciprocal advantages shared.

In this sense, we have established the company policy laying the top priority on the customer satisfaction and we will further make the best of ourselves to make the company to attain the top position in the field of ship engines by way of the rigorous control of product quality and the unremitting development activities.

Representative of Wooam Machinery Company Seong-Geun Jin