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ect (Eddy Current Testing)
The eddy current is induced inside the conductor if the magnetic flux variable over time is applied to the conductors such as metals and others.
Since the eddy current has its magnitude and distribution changed if there exist any discontinuities within the conductor such as the cracks and others, as a system to detect the defects by using the changes in the eddy current, this is used to detect the defects (cracks) within the part of MAN TYPE F.O PIPE CONE.

Microscopic Testing
This is used for analysis of materials or check of the condition of minute parts after thermal treatment and for measurement of product quality.

Endoscopic Testing
This is used to check the status of internal processing at the parts the inside of which cannot be checked with bare eyes with ease such as the blocks or the pipes with small diameters and the cleanliness within the products such as the presence of impurities and others.

Hardness Tester
This is used to check the accuracy of the certificates of inspection and the products by verifying whether the outputs from the thermal treatment process satisfy the product specifications for thermal processing requested by the customers.

Illuminance Tester
As a device to verify the conformity of the products with the illuminance (surface roughness) specifications requested by the customers, this is used to check and control the surface quality of products.

3D measuring instrument
Check the degree of geometric tolerance and precision processing of products that are difficult to measure Use it to verify and manage the product's SPEC compliance and the quality of processing.